Note: Adding pages to your website can only be done by an administrator or editor.


Click on the PAGES icon in the user menu on left of the website, after you have logged in.

Click the ADD NEW button at top right of panel.

Give page a Title.

You can leave the URL field blank unless you want the url of the page to be something different then the title.

You can leave the Template field alone in most cases and just let it be default.

Choose a Parent Item you want it to go under, in the parent dropdown. (so if you want your page to under ‘About Us’, then choose ‘About Us’ as the parent item.)

Note: If you want the page NOT to appear in the menu, choose NO MENU as it’s parent item.

Click Save or Save & List (save & list takes you back to view the list of all your pages)

By creating a new page, it will automatically show up in the main menu once you refresh the page in your browser (as long as it is not in the NO MENU category). From there you can edit it if you like.


Note: Unpublishing or deleting the page from the menu also unpublishes or deletes the page from the site (and menu). To learn more about deleting a page, click here.