Text Giving is a powerful and convenient way for your donors to give to your organization. Below is an explanation of how Text Giving works and how to get started:

  • Your organization will be assigned its own unique 10-digit mobile number from your local area code to use with your text-to-give account. It’s important to note that this number is unique to you and is not shared with any other customers. Your donors will be able to save this number to their phone’s contact list for easy access.
  • To make a donation, your donors will text an amount to your unique mobile number.
  • The first time a donor texts your text-to-give mobile number, they will receive a response text from our service prompting the donor to register via a secure registration link. This link will load a secure registration portal that is completed through the donor’s mobile browser and will assign their mobile number to your organization and allow them to provide the credit/debit card number or bank account they would like to use for text giving.
  • Donors will get a text confirmation that their donation and registration was successful.
  • Donors who text donations and donate online (or through the mobile web interface) will have all of their history tied to their account.
  • The next time the donor wants to text a gift, they simply text the amount to your number; their payment information is stored securely within our service. There is no need for the donor to re-type payment information every time they give via text.
  • Text donations are NOT settled by their cellular service carrier. Text donations are processed and settled by your existing account with us. These transactions will settle in the same manner and speed as your online donations.


Text Giving Fees:

  • Monthly Fee: $5.00.
  • Transaction fees for text gifts are the same rates as gifts made online. (In other words, transactions fees are no different than any other type of online gift).


Getting Started:

When you are ready to receive donations via text, click Organization > Text Giving within your Admin dashboard.

  1. Click on Click here to add a number.
  2. Click Search to find available numbers in your area and choose your number.
  3. It is recommended to search for your number based on the area code of your organization’s location.

After clicking the number you prefer, a box will appear asking you to confirm text giving number registration and you will need to agree to the $5 monthly fee.

Once the Text Giving number has been registered, your donors can begin using it immediately.

Just distribute this number to your donors, and you’re ready to receive text donations!

For step by step instructions for your givers to use the text giving feature, click here.