Adding a User and Assigning Them to a User Group

Have the user signup themselves by going to the bottom of the church website and clicking the LOGIN button.

Have them click‘CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Once they have created an account, go to System>User Manager.

Click on the persons name.

In the Roles dropdown, choose their user group, according to the info below.

In the Access Status dropdown at bottom of profile, choose approved.

Click the save icon located at top right of the screen.


User Groups

If you are logged into the website, click on System>User Manager in the user menu on left of site.

You will see a list of all people that have registered for an account on your church website.

Notice you are the admin.

Only give admin privileges to those who will run the website. You do NOT need to be an admin to edit and submit normal content to the site.


Now this is the place where you will assign your staff their editing privileges.

There are 4 default different groups an administrator can assign to people, 3 of which can edit content on the site from the FRONTEND:

Registered – Under most circumstances, a church does not need to use this user group.

Author – This group allows a user to post announcements, update sermons, edit calendar, and edit pages that they are assigned to be the author of.  Authors CANNOT create new pages. (We can also adjust this for you if you want so that authors CANNOT edit calendar or update sermons.)

Editor – This group allows a user to post and edit any page on the site, as well as access all APPS. They cannot access the SYSTEM tab, in user menu on left.

Admin can do everything, so be careful who you give this to. There probably should only be 2 to 3 admins at most.


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