In user user menu bar on the left side of the screen, click on APPS>FORMS.

Click the ADD NEW button at top right of the pullout panel and choose Blank Form.

Give the form a title (and description if you wish) and press Create Form.

Drag your fields from the panel on the right into the area on the left. Or, you may simply click a field and it will show up at the bottom of the form.

Note that there are STANDARD FIELDS & ADVANCED FIELDS on the right that you can click on to reveal their respective fields you can use.

When done, or anytime you want, click the SAVE FORM button at top right of the forms panel.

When you are done creating your form fields, click on the Settings>Confirmation link at the top of the form.

You can watch this video below to see a demonstration


Styling Form

(ie. Fields Side by Side in columns)

If you’d like to apply any styles to the fields, like make 2 text fields side by side, you can go to the APPEARANCE tab for a particular field.

Then click on the drawer icon in the CUSTOM CSS CLASS as pictured below.

Here you will see pre-built styles you can use.

Click on one and close the popup window. It should fill the CUSTOM CSS CLASS field for you with the right style.

Be sure to save the form and then you can click on LIVE PREVIEW button at the top to see how the form looks.



Thank You Message

Now that you are on the confirmation screen, click the Default Confirmation link.

Uou can type in what the thank you (confirmation) message text will show when someone completes the form.

Click the ‘save confirmation‘ button at bottom.



Adding Recipients

Click here for video of this process


Click on the Settings>Notifications link at the top of the form.

Click on the Admin Notification link.

In the SEND TO EMAIL field, enter the email you wish to receive the form. 

In the FROM NAME field, you type the name of your church.

In the REPLY TO field, click the dropdown button (image below) to the right of the field and click the email field you added to your form. This placeholder will make sure that when you reply to the person filling out the form, their email will go into your email program’s REPLY TO field.


In the SUBJECT field, you can type in New submission from {form_title}

You can edit the remaining fields if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Click the ‘save notification‘ button at bottom.