Please watch the screenshot below to see a quick overview of how to create a form in your online giving program. You only need to do this if you want to take payments. If not, you can normally use the built in form program that your church website itself comes with.

How to create a form

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on FORMS on the left
  3. Click CREATE NEW FORM at top right.
  4. Choose START FROM SCRATCH unless the form you are making can use an existing category there (ie. event registration, contact form, etc).
  5. Give your form a name and click START BUILDING FORM button at bottom of this page.
  6. Please watch this short screencast below to build your form

Repeatable Fields

If your event needs info for each person registering, you can insert repeatable fields (like if you want to let people register their children and you need multiple pieces of info for each child). These fields you would add are under the FIELD SET section on the right of the form builder page (Basic, Person, Signup Slots). For instance, if you want to get the age of each child registering, once you drag in the PERSON field to your form, drag in the NUMBERS field inside that PERSONS container and label that new field AGE.