Adding and editing staff members is very simple to do. BUT, keep in mind that you do not actually edit the staff page itself unless you want to add some text above or below the actual staff members.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you do click the edit button on the staff page, you will see codes on it that represents the staff program. Do not remove these.  It usually looks something like [Staff]


Adding A Staff Member

Click on ADD >Staff

Fill out the staff form with their particular information.

Make sure the correct category is chosen. If there is only one category, make sure it is checked.

Click Publish (or Publish & List) at top right of panel when done.


Modifying A Staff Profile

2 different ways to modify an announcement:

  1. Click on APPS > Staff . Click on the staff member name to edit profile.
  2. Navigate to your staff page on your actual website and click the edit button next to the staff member you want to edit.

Change whatever you wish in the staff details tab or the staff bio tab. Then click on save at the top right of panel.


Adding / Replacing A Staff Image

Watch this screencast below:



Deleting A Staff Profile

Click on APPS > Staff .

Hover over the person you want to delete and click the trash icon.


PERMANENT DELETION:  When you delete an item, it goes into the trash. This is in case you want to use it later or in case you accidentally delete one. If you want to permanently remove the items from the system, click on APPS > Staff.

Click on the Trash link at the top of that panel.


Click the DELETE PERMANENTLY link for that specific staff member you will see when you hover over the item.