Creating & Uploading A Frontpage Slide

The easiest and quickest way to add a slide is to go to your home page and click the green ADD SLIDE button at top left of the actual slideshow on the home page.

This will bring up a grey box. Drag your image in there (or click the grey box area to browse for your image to upload). It will then appear in the box.

When you are done positioning the graphic within the box, click the green check mark button at the top right of the slideshow. This saves your slide there.

Create announcement from slide:  If you want your slides to also be your announcements that appear on the announcements page, please let us know and we will set that up for you.)


Editing Slide Name & URL

Navigate to your church home page and wait for the slide you want to edit to show up.

Then click the Edit Details button at top right of your slideshow. This will bring up the edit panel for that slide where you can edit its details, like setting an expiration date or putting in the URL of the page it’s supposed to link to.

Once you are done, click Save (or Save & List) at the the top right of that panel.


Publishing / Unpublishing / Deleting A Slide


Use the icons to the right of each slide title to either trash, unpublish/publish a slide.