Step 1

Go to and login.

In the left side menu, click on FUND MANAGEMENT.

Click ADD button at top right of page.

When done, click SAVE.

NOTE: if you are looking to EDIT an existing Fund, instead of clicking ADD at the top right of the fund management page, find the fund on that page that you want to edit and click the 3 dots for that row, all the way on the right. Then click EDIT FUNDS.


Step 2

When done with step 1, click on the FORMS link on left of page.

Click the GIVE NOW form (which is your main online giving form.)

Click the small cog wheel icon for the FUND field, as pictured below.

Click on the FUND ITEMS tab in that popup now open.

Click inside the DISPLAY checkbox for the fund you added.

Note: If you don’t want a fund to show up anymore, you can come back here to hide it.

Click OKAY at bottom right of the popup.

Click SAVE CHANGES at bottom right of form and then PUBLISH to put those saved changed live.