Online Payment vs Non Online Payment Event

If this is a paid event, you will want to login to the online giving service we offer (if you signed up to it) to create your registration form.

If this is a non paid event you can go to APPS>FORMS and create a registration form for the event.


“Non Online Payment Event” Instructions

If you have made your event form already, go to APPS>FORMS and click on the event form you want to use for your event registration.

If you haven’t made your event form yet, go to ADD> FORMS and create your event form. Make sure to save the form before you move on to next step (Click here for instructions on how to use the form program…)

At the top of the FORM EDIT page for this event, click on the LIVE PREVIEW link at the top of the form editor page (as pictured below).



Copy the url it takes you to in your browser address bar so you have it ready to paste later on.


Fill out the form there with the event details.

In the FORM URL field, paste in the url you copied earlier.

Click SAVE, at the top, when done with the event registration details.

This will now appear in the event registration page we setup for you.